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Our Mission

Culinary Culture is a group of passionate research chefs who offer consulting services for food based businesses. Through trend research, innovative ideation, and unsurpassed industry expertise, Culinary Culture will deliver imaginative, craveable products that consistently exceed your expectations.

What to Expect from our Research Chefs

As chefs, we understand how important the culinary element is to the development of manufactured food products. As scientists, we understand the parameters involved in making great tasting prototypes a reality within a manufactured setting. Our research chefs work to ensure your final product works efficiently within your system, is of the highest quality, and most importantly, taste great!

We have the know-how to help increase your sales while reducing your costs. We have lived life in the kitchen and understand what it takes to run a successful restaurant. Our chefs study the global food scene and know what’s on trend. Our unique mindset gives us an understanding of the operations side of food business which we use to set you up for success.

What is a Research Chef?

Also known as product development or food innovation chefs, research chefs formulate and test new products and supplies for food and beverage based businesses. Our duties involve generating new recipes that look and taste good, finding substitutes for current formulas when needed, marketing, operations, and training.

Research chefs develop new products by conducting consumer testing, observing market trends and modifying recipes. We administer surveys and let customers rate how they perceive sample products including sauces, soups, meats, entrees and frozen food. We find better ways to retain the flavor, freshness, consistency and nutritional content of mass-produced, packaged food products.

Don’t hesitate to contact our research chefs today for more information about how we can help you reach your goals.