About Us

Food Trend Research
We are a group of passionate research chefs who offer consulting services for food based businesses. Through trend research, innovative ideation, and expertise, we deliver imaginative products that consistently exceed your expectations.

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Who we help

Culinary Science Training
Our consulting services are available to all food-based businesses. Whether you’re a local restaurant looking to update your menu or a large-scale food manufacturer working to stay ahead of the trend, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information!

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Our Services

Food Photography

You've heard the adage "You Eat With Your Eyes,". With Culinary Culture's food photography services we can help you build attention grabbing photos that highlight the beauty of your product.
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Food Trend Information & Analysis

Trend information and analysis is essential for creating innovative products. Our research ensures that your company will meet your customers’ needs and keep you ahead of your competitors.
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Culinary Ideation

Our culinary ideation services help customers develop new ideas for their foods so they can ensure they are providing their customers with unique, forward-thinking products.
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Product Development

Culinary Culture specializes in culinary driven product development. Our process involves the development of concepts during the initial stage of research.
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Presentations & Trade Shows

We showcase your products and emphasize multiple uses for each to illustrate diversity while maintaining ease of use and complimentary flavor profiles.
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Sensory Testing/Focus Groups

Sensory tests and focus groups are essential. It’s important to understand your customer and determine whether the product you are creating is what they are looking for in their lives.
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Nutritional Analysis

Utilizing the industry leading ESHA Genesis software, we can produce complete nutritional analysis for single products or entire recipes, along with recipe formulation, label creation.
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Culinary Training

Culinary training is the perfect way to develop basic culinary and flavor building skills. Let the expert chefs at Culinary Culture customize a training class that fits your needs.
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